NORDIC door is today a leading supplier of roll doors on the Swedish market and the doors have been exported to some 30 countries world wide.

We are pleased to feel our customers support, more and more customers appreciate our Swedish based, flexible and customer oriented production and our concern to keep short delivery times weather it concerns doors or spare parts.

High speed roll doors


P Snabbrullportar PbA NORDIC high speed roll door, in a frequent used external- or internal opening, is the most efficient way to save energy. And what's more- working environment and product quality will equally be improved.

Because of the speed and the smooth operation the door, the opening is practicly always closed, which makes the door a very profitable investment.

Machine protection doors 

P Maskinskyddsportar PbUsing a NORDIC safety roller door as machine protection door, a compact and safe production line can be built up, which pays off quickly of in terms of productivity and profitability.

For maximum personal safety, the door panel is locked into the compact frames and non-contact switches supervise that the door is securely closed when the production starts.

Choose the right door

There are many ways of using the NORDIC roll doors. In all busy openings, exterior- as well as interior, the fast and smooth NORDIC doors will be an appreciated help to save energy and to improve the environment.

Interior positions, Exterior positions, Warehousing, Supermarkets, Cold storage, Timber mills, Freezer rooms, Conveyor lines, Food manufacturing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Machine protection doors, Process applications, Clean room applications, ESD-protected areas, Noise reduction applications